Thursday, April 14, 2016

Did You Know Recurring Headaches Can Kill You?

Walking under the scorching sun in summer? Make sure you are body is not dehydrated, as this may lead to a condition called chronic venous thrombosis (CVT), which is a blood clot in vein. Doctors see a rise in the number of such cases in summer and most people are not aware of it. 
The common symptom for CVT is headache. If a person gets a severe headache along with other complications, then he or she should approach the doctor without any delay, says Dr D S Halprashanth, senior neurologist at Global Health City Hospital. “We usually see one or two such cases normally, but in summer this numbers will increase to 4-5,” says Dr Halprashanth.

But is CVT the only reason for headaches? No. There are different types of headaches and summer heat could be one of the triggering points for such variations to affect people. “If a person gets headache due to walking in the sun, then it is a sign the person might be at the early stages of migraine. So better to avoid the triggering point, and stay indoors. Especially 10 am to 3 pm is not the right time to walk out for any people,” says Dr Halprashanth.

Red Alert
While a migraine affects the quality of life, other types of headaches may even prove fatal but most people are not aware of it, says the doctor. There are two types of headache - primary and secondary. The primary headache can be managed through medication and hence, nothing to worry about it. But only doctors can tell if it’s primary or secondary headache.

The secondary headache is the dangerous one as it may turn fatal, warns Dr Halprashanth. “If a person has recurring headache for years and it suddenly turns severe with conditions like nausea, vomiting and seizures then it could be because of a haemorrhage in the brain or other serious problems,” he explains. “The cause of this recurring headache has to be treated immediately, else it can turn fatal.” Soaring temperatures can be one of the triggering points for migraine type of headaches. However, not all migraine will have the same cause; for some it could be because of selective food, for others it could be because of lack of proper diet, sleep deprivation, noise, pollution and sound. “Hence people with migraine should identify their triggering point and take steps to avoid those traps,” he adds


  1. The headache caused my walking in the sun is due to dehydration. They might look like a minor headache but it can lead you to death.

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