Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Dehydration due to heat wave can lead to Kidney stones

If you fail to keep yourself adequately hydrated during the heat wave this summer, there are more chances for stones to surface in kidneys and ureter, warn experts.

This holds especially true for those who work outdoors in the extreme heat but commit the mistake of not drinking enough water, which helps calcium and other minerals in the urine to condense and turn into small stones. The warning signs for such a condition are burning sensation while passing urine, severe pains on either side of the stomach, vomiting and blood in urine.

"Though it takes six months to one year for kidney stones to grow to a size of 5 mm to 7 mm, dehydration induced by the heat wave can hasten the process as acidic substances in urine become more concentrated to form into crystals and finally into stones," said Dr N Mallikarjun Reddy , consultant laproscopic urologist, Global Hospitals.He blamed dehydration for a 10-15% rise in kidney stone cases every summer.

The problem is also said to get aggravated if instead of drinking enough water, one consumes carbonated drinks and eats a lot of non-vegetarian food. Not just stones, inadequate hydration is also known to cause kidney injury and affect blood supply to the kidneys.

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  1. Such a good initiative!Glad to know that you guys now have an adult vaccination clinic,A lot of people will be saved from those life threatening diseases!