Wednesday, January 13, 2016


Now we are in a SMART world, SMART CARD, SMART PHONE, SMART DOCUMENTATION etc. Perhaps it is time for Physicians to be SMART. It is not that they are not SMART hitherto. But the SMART what we perhaps intend to say is with regard to the modern Medical Practice. There is virtual explosion in the technology and to keep abreast is difficult within the current resources and ambiance. It is equally true that both media and Government have special focus always on medical professionals, often not so pleasant. Legal issues against medical professionals are growing in geometrical proportions. Society adores doctors but recently, there is increase in the admonishes for the practitioners many times for no fault. Medical professionals, no longer enjoy the unequivocal faith of their patients. Further, unhealthy practices, unethical competitions are leading to annihilation of the people involved. Sometimes, we wonder, whether we have evolved as human race in right direction. Hence we need to be SMART PRACTITIONERS, what do we mean by that? 

To be a SMART Physician, we need to follow the following FIVE: 

AWARE: One must be aware of their skills, limitations and the availability of the resources. A patient can never be over promised and the doctor under performing. 

BEHAVIOUR: A physician’s conduct is a model for society. He is simple, soft, sensitive and compassionate. Behavior should be socially acceptable and exemplary. 

CONFIDENCE: Whatever one says and commits one should be courageous to implement, and practice. Real courage lies just not in righteous practice but also in skillful management. 

DEDICATION: Dedication is a word that reflects the comprehensive submission of skills and knowledge in the service of the patients. 

ENDURANCE: Lasting endurance is hall mark of a good physician. Trying to control one self in all adversities is an inevitable virtue of medical professionals. 

FRIENDSHIP: Trying to be friendly with peers is part of professionalism. Gaining friends is strength and losing them is weakness. If we note and practice the above grammar rules for a Physician, we are bound to be SMART.


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