Monday, December 22, 2014

Liposarcoma Tumor weighing 12 Kilos removed from a 37 year old woman’s abdomen

MUMBAI: In a rare operation, doctors of a city-based hospital has successfully removed a 12 kg tumour from the abdomen of a 37-year-old woman.

Doctors at Global Hospital in Parel area, where the surgery was conducted on December 5, said that the woman, who lives in Central suburbs of the city, complained of a stiff and a continuous bloating stomach for the last 6 months. She however, never experienced any pain.

"Around 6 months back, she felt her stomach was growing but she did not have any pain or discomfort. Her family doctor got an Ultra Sound (test) done which picked up a large tumour. Subsequently, we did a CT and an MRI scan and that is how we came to the conclusion that she had Liposarcoma," Dr Nimesh Shah, Consultant General surgeon at Global hospital said. He added that the tumour, which was cancerous, would have ultimately resulted in the death of the woman, had it been not removed on time.

"We were aware even prior to the surgery that we were dealing with a cancerous tumour. If this tumour was not removed on time, she could have suffered from bowel complications, involvement of major blood vessels or probably one kidney not functioning," Dr Jignesh Gandhi, a consultant surgeon, who was also a part of the surgery, said.

The operation lasted for around four hours and required four bottles of blood for transfusion. "This is a very rare case. The incidence rate is 1-1.5 in a million people. If the tumour had been left inside the body, it could have affected the liver, lungs and brain," Gandhi added.

Dr Shah said that the woman has been discharged today and will now be in the care of a chemo-therapist, who will give her radiation treatment to remove residuals of the malignant tumour.

"We will keep on radiating here. We have removed the tumour but microscopically, residuals may have been left behind. The chemo therapist will take a call whether an oral tablet can also be given to her," he said.
Gandhi said that any sudden and abnormal changes in the body should not be taken lightly and a timely advise from a doctor can help detect and treat such problems at an early stage.


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