Tuesday, October 7, 2014

At BGS Global Hospitals Ms. Banumati’s cancer is in complete Remission. Her life is beautiful once again
October 4th, 2014: Bhanumati, a 43 year old lady from Bangalore came to our hospital with history of lump in her right breast since 3 months. She was told about us by one of her friends whose relative was treated by us. 

PET-CT (whole body scan) showed there was no spread of the disease anywhere else in the body. 

The size of her lump was very big. She was given an option of Organ preservation that means instead of mastectomy, she could undergo Neoadjuvant chemotherapy wherein Chemotherapy is given before the surgery. By doing so, we downsize or shrink the tumour. The patient who otherwise would have to undergo complete removal of the breast has now become eligible for Breast conservation surgery. 

Bhanumathi underwent 6 cycles of chemotherapy first. The tumour reduced to 2 x3 cms in size.
She then underwent Breast conservation surgery with a Lattisimus dorsi flap cover to give a very good cosmetic outcome. Subsequently, she was given TrueBeam STx radiation therapy.
PET-CT after 6 months showed that Bhanumathi is in complete remission. Her disease has not only been cleared but her feminity also has been retained.

Banumathi, Breast cancer survivor, said, “Life came to a standstill, when I came to know I was diagnosed with breast cancer. But I didn’t lose hope and had the support of my family. My oncologists, explained the treatment course in detail, which helped me understand the illness and gave the courage to fight the cancer. Post treatment, I’m back to normal life and my life is beautiful once again. I thank the oncologists, at BGS Global Hospitals, for giving me a new lease of life. I would encourage all cancer patients by telling them not to give up hope as cancer today is a manageable disease.”

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