Thursday, July 10, 2014

Global Health City Organizes a Basic Life Support Training Program for neighborhood driver community
Udanae Global a righteous initiative intended to create awareness on basic life support training/ trauma care to the neighborhood driver community
Chennai, 13th June 2014 Global Health City has organized a Basic Life Support (BLS) Training programme for the neighborhood driver Community (Auto drivers, Cab / Call taxi drivers and Ambulance drivers) of the neighborhood areas. More than 500 auto, cab drivers participated in the training program. Road accident rate in our country is climbing constantly; it has reached an alarming 51.8% in 2012. When it comes to Road Traffic Accidents the driver communities in most cases are the first ones to swiftly respond and carry the injured to a nearby hospital. BLS training program will sensitize them about the significance of GOLDEN HOUR in road accident, cardiac, brain, liver emergency and help them in safe evacuation of the victim.
Eminent doctor Dr. K.R. Rammohan - HOD Advanced Centre for Trauma & Emergency Care, conducted the training program. “We come across many fatalities due to road traffic accidents, which clearly indicate lack of awareness on immediate responses during the medical emergencies. To address those issues, we have launched this campaign UDANE GLOBAL to raise awareness for swift response during critical medical emergencies” said Dr. Rammohan on the training session.

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