Thursday, July 10, 2014

Five organ transplant surgeries performed successfully in a day at Global Health City first of its kind in South India
Chennai, 09th July 2014: Setting yet another milestone in its journey, Global Health City, a renowned multi super specialty quaternary care hospital boasts of five successful organ transplants simultaneously in a day. All the five surgeries were unique in nature and successful; an exciting moment for the surgeons who performed the surgeries for the first time in South India.
Details of the surgeries performed:
  • Mr. Salim – Deceased Donor Liver Transplant surgery
  • Dr. Abdul Shaheed – Living Donor Liver Transplant surgery
  • Mr. Ashokan - Deceased Donor Renal Transplant surgery
  • Mr. Rajesh – Deceased Donor Renal Transplant surgery
  • Mr. Saravanan - Deceased Donor Liver Transplant surgery
Prof Dr. Mohamed Rela, Director – Institute for Liver Disease & Transplantation said “it is a logistical nightmare to do 5 transplants in 12 hours. I am happy to say that despite its technical challenges all 5 patients are doing extremely well. We manage to do a split liver transplant from a cadaver donor for two adults. Normally, split livers are shared between one adult and one child. However, the technique of sharing with two adults is very complicated. This is the first time such a procedure has been done in India and the East and is very rarely done in the western world” at the press briefing.
He further added that “to do these five transplants includes a lot more procedures. These include a cadaver donor multi organ harvesting, ex-vivo splitting of the liver into two grafts, two cadaver split liver transplants, two kidney transplants, one living donor hepatectomy and living donor recipient liver transplant”
Dr. N. Sezhian, Senior Consultant Department of Urology said “both the renal transplants nearly took 4 to 6 hours, and we had successfully completed the transplant surgeries with our team of doctors. Organ donation awareness among the people of Tamil Nadu had increased drastically”
Dr. V. Chandrasekaran, Senior Consultant & HOD of Nephrology quoted “FROM GRIEF, THERE COMES HOPE”. Demand for organs outweighs the availability and supply. More awareness and willingness of the family to donate organs will help in reducing the gap”.
Dr. Muthu Veeramani, HOD –Institute of Urology quoted “This is a second transplant surgery for the patient; it is almost like a second life to him. As per the government norms, one kidney goes to the host (donor) and other to the common pool, to save lives“.
The team of Surgeons / Physicians: The liver transplant team led by Dr. Mohamed Rela, Dr.Venu, Dr. Gomathi, Dr. Ratnavel, Dr. Anand, Dr. Srinivas Reddy, Dr.Manoj, Dr Ilankumaran Dr. Akhila, Dr. Subramanian, Dr. Selva and the kidney transplant team consisting of Dr. Muthu Veeramani, Dr.V.Chandrasekaran, Dr. Sezhian, Dr. Kabilan, Dr.Muthukumar, Dr. Kishore, Dr.Subramanian, performed the multi organ transplant surgeries simultaneously within a day successfully.

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