Thursday, July 10, 2014

BGS Global Hospitals Performs the 1st Dual Organ Transplantation in Karnataka

Bangalore, June 30th, 2014: BGS Global Hospitals, Super Specialty Tertiary Care, on the eve of doctor’s day, organized a press conference on the 1st Successful Combined Dual Organ (Liver and Kidney) Transplantation procedure in Karnataka.
The dual organ transplantation was performed by a team multi organ transplant surgeons, Dr. Mathew Jacob, Dr. Sonal Asthana, Dr. Rajiv Lochan & clinically supported by Dr. Kaiser Raja, Consultant, Hepatalogist, Dr. Anil Kumar, Consultant, Nephrologist, at BGS Global Hospitals.
The transplant recipient is a practising orthopaedic specialist, Dr.Sanjiv Kumar Sinha, a 59 year old who was suffering from long standing diabetes, which lead to his liver cirrhosis and kidney failure. He had been on renal dialysis for many months prior to consultation at our Transplant centre. Whilst awaiting transplantation he unfortunately fell at home and fractured his hip and had to undergo total hip replacement surgery.
In April 2014 the family of a brain dead donor who had unfortunately met with a fatal accident came forward to donate the organs of their loved one. The organs were allocated by ZCCK (Zonal coordination committee for Karnataka) to Dr Sinha as they were found to be a suitable match. He subsequently underwent Combined Dual Organ (Liver and Kidney) Transplantation and is currently doing well.
Dr. Sanjiv Kumar Sinha, Organ Transplant recipient said, “I had been on the waiting list for months battling my life threatening organ failure. First, I would like to thank the organ donor’s family and then the specialists, who have restored my hope and given me a new lease of life.”
Dr. Mathew Jacob, Consultant, HPB & Multi Organ Transplantation Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals, said, “It’s a rare condition where both liver and kidney had failed simultaneously. Luckily, the family of a brain dead patient came forward to donate the organs. Through an extensive 4 hour surgery, organs were retrieved carefully for transplantation. In the adjacent operation theatre, the patient was prepared for transplantation, first his damaged liver was removed and the donated liver was transplanted. Subsequently, kidney was also transplanted through a separate incision under the same anesthesia. It was a 14 hour marathon surgery and now he has recovered well. ”
Dr. Kaiser Raja, Consultant, Hepatologist, BGS Global Hospitals, said, “Having combined Liver & Kidney failure is a very serious condition in which survival is limited to a few months. Dual organ transplantation is a much more complex procedure which requires coordination amongst a large number of highly skilled super specialists"
Dr Rajiv Lochan, Consultant, HPB & Multi Organ Transplantation Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals, " Such highly complex procedures are possible only with state of the art operating theatre, dedicated transplant ICU and a highly motivated and dedicated team of specialists. This is a big milestone for advanced health care delivery in Karnataka.”
Dr. Venkataramanaa N K, Vice Chairman & Chief Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals, said, “Doctors have a greater role to themselves and also to the society. Today’s disease burden is more than 1% of global GDP. It’s absolutely essential that doctors take care of their health in order to serve the society better. Till today, there is no specific healthcare model that serves the purpose of Doctor’s health. Global Group of hospitals provide tertiary & quaternary care completely avoiding the need for the patients to travel abroad for high end therapies. On the occasion of Doctors day, BGS Global Hospitals is launching a health scheme for the medical fraternity.”

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