Friday, January 31, 2014


Eminent Liver Experts from across the World come together for a an International Liver Conclave organized by Global Hospitals Group at Chennai, INDIA.

2 Living Donor Liver transplants (2 donors, 2 recipients, a total of 4 surgeries) to be performed LIVE by the team of Global Health City 400 experts doctors from India and around the world to participate in discussions on the latest advances in the field of 'Care of Liver Transplant patient'

The Director of the Programme, Prof. Mohamed Rela, translated his experience and expertise to benefit 12 Indian patients waiting on the list for liver transplantation at Global Hospitals. The Global Hospitals Liver Transplant team has performed 6 split liver transplantations leading to 12 patients (5 adults & 7 children) who have now bounced back to normal life after transplantation. The Global Hospitals liver transplant unit at Chennai has performed close to 300 Liver transplants of which 80 have been done on children. In addition to the excellent multidisciplinary clinical care that is provided to the patients with Liver disease at Global Hospitals, there has been a mutual interest from the specialists in the team and from International Experts in the field of transplantation to hold discussions and deliberations regarding the situations faced while dealing with patients who are undergoing a liver transplantation procedure.

In its endeavor to create a platform to bring together stalwarts to share their knowledge and experiences on key issues pertaining to health, Global Health City, part of the Global Hospitals Group is organizing the "4th Master Class in Liver Disease Conference" from 31st Jan to 2nd Feb, 2014. The focal area for the conference will be "Peri-Operative Care of the Liver Transplant Recipient" this year

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