Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Launch of Global Trauma Emergency Network
Hyderabad, 16th Nov 2013: G+TEN program (Global Trauma and Emergency Network Programme) was launched at our Aware Global Hospitals on 26th Nov'13. Through this programme Global Hospitals Critical care team will train the doctors of partnered smaller hospitals to handle Trauma and emergencies efficiently and stabilize the patient till moving a higher facility center to save lives.

Curriculum & Modules are designed by Dr. Kamesh & his team of Consultants for which a team of five doctors are in-charge of the project for training all the partnered hospitals doctors. GTEN was Inaugurated by our Consultant CT Surgeon Dr. Dharma Rakshak by lightening the lamp and gave his Inaugural speech. A total 61 Drs attended to the event from neighborhood.

Vijay Vemuri - COO given his opening speech regarding the GTEN program and interacted with all attended Doctors.Mr. Ashok Kumar Senior Vice President-Business Development introduced the concept of GTEN to the audience and taken opinion from Doctors on the GTEN concept.

Dr.Pramod kumar cardiologist gave a presentation on Pre Hospital management of MI. Dr.Nagesh ER Physician gave a presentation on Emergency room management. Dr.Suresh Reddy -Neuro physician and Dr.Naveen Kumar Neuro physician have given presentation on Management on Acute stroke. Dr.Pradeep Panigrahi GI Surgeon has given presentation on General principles of Trauma management. Soft ware on Emergency Management which is Mobile application was demonstrated & this would be given free for all Registered Nursing Homes. All the Doctors were involved in session and clarified their doubts.


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