Monday, May 27, 2013

 Many on Harley-Davidsons bikes participated in the bikeathon organized by the hospital 

     BGS Global Hospitals organized a Bikeathon to campaign for a tobacco free society as part of its corporate social responsibility – ‘Embracing life, Staying alive’.

      People from various walks of life rode Harley Davidsons’ and other superbikes covering a 17 Km stretch from Queen’s Circle, Cubbon Park to BGS Global Hospitals, Uttarahalli Road. Participants displayed placards with messages to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco consumption and colourful balloons. The aim of the event was to spread awareness and inspire people to take a vow to quit consumption of tobacco. A graffiti arranged by the hospital at the start point bore messages written by the participants, dignitaries as well passersby to quit tobacco.

The bikethon was flagged off by Sri V B Patil, Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, in the presence of Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice-Chairman and Chief Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals.             
Dr. K. Ravindranath, Chairman and Managing Director, Global Hospitals Group said, “BGS Global Hospitals is committed to the cause of cancer prevention and conducts regular awareness and de-addiction programs at the hospital as well as through outreach programs.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice-Chairman and Chief Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals added, “This bikeathon is one such awareness event hosted by BGS Global Hospitals in association with Tusker Harley-Davidson on the occasion of World No tobacco day. This unique event presents a fun filled awareness activity for the present day youth. You need not be a smoker to be cool. And a message to the youth who could fall prey to this habit because of peer pressure - Be aware and learn to say ‘NO to Tobacco’.
Dr/ Vishal Rao, Head and Neck Onco Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals said, “Because of the increasing usage of tobacco among the youth in Karnataka, it is important to increase awareness on the preventable causes of cancer such as tobacco consumption.  Presently in Karnataka, 10 to 12% of the youth consume tobacco and the age of initiation to this habit is presently seen from 10 years onwards. This could possibly be the reason why we are seeing many cases of cancers in the younger age group. Majority of these cancers are preventable, tobacco being responsible for 50% of the cancers.”

Dr. Ganesha Dev Vashishta, Chief Medical Oncologist, BGS Global Hospitals added, “Tobacco consumption not only causes lung cancer, it also causes cancers of the larynx, pharynx, oral cavity, food pipe, pancreas, kidney, stomach, colon, etc. Tobacco smoking causes heart, lung and brain diseases, including heart attacks, stroke, etc. Non smoke tobacco like chewing, snuff, etc are also dangerous. Passive or secondhand smokers are at risk of heart and lung diseases in addition to cancer. If tobacco usage is completely stopped, then two thirds of all cancers can be prevented.  Awareness about the ill effects of tobacco is the only real way of preventing tobacco related cancers.”


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