Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Global Lary club - An Initiative by BGS Global Hospitals. (Global Hospitals Group, INDIA)

The first of its kind in India which is also affiliated with international association of laryngectomees. The program was Inaugurated by the Addl Director General of Police Shri A.M Prasad in the presence of Chairman and Managing Director Dr Ravindranath and Vice chairman Dr Venkataramana. The program was attended by 30 laryngectomy patients, who actively participated to initiate this club. This club will bring together surgeons, patients, speech therapists and other support groups under one roof to help improve patient care and service.

Mr. Mohan Raj, Rtd wing commander from Air force who is the convener of the club, spoke about his experience of losing his voice to laryngeal cancer and how Dr Vishal Rao helped him to connect to his voice.

Panel discussions were conducted by patients on life after laryngectomy, and many patients spoke about their stoma related and prosthesis related issues. Patients were trained on the options of using hands free devices, stoma care, electro larynx and patient specific issues.


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