Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Launch of Global Trauma Emergency Network
Hyderabad, 16th Nov 2013: G+TEN program (Global Trauma and Emergency Network Programme) was launched at our Aware Global Hospitals on 26th Nov'13. Through this programme Global Hospitals Critical care team will train the doctors of partnered smaller hospitals to handle Trauma and emergencies efficiently and stabilize the patient till moving a higher facility center to save lives.

Curriculum & Modules are designed by Dr. Kamesh & his team of Consultants for which a team of five doctors are in-charge of the project for training all the partnered hospitals doctors. GTEN was Inaugurated by our Consultant CT Surgeon Dr. Dharma Rakshak by lightening the lamp and gave his Inaugural speech. A total 61 Drs attended to the event from neighborhood.

Vijay Vemuri - COO given his opening speech regarding the GTEN program and interacted with all attended Doctors.Mr. Ashok Kumar Senior Vice President-Business Development introduced the concept of GTEN to the audience and taken opinion from Doctors on the GTEN concept.

Dr.Pramod kumar cardiologist gave a presentation on Pre Hospital management of MI. Dr.Nagesh ER Physician gave a presentation on Emergency room management. Dr.Suresh Reddy -Neuro physician and Dr.Naveen Kumar Neuro physician have given presentation on Management on Acute stroke. Dr.Pradeep Panigrahi GI Surgeon has given presentation on General principles of Trauma management. Soft ware on Emergency Management which is Mobile application was demonstrated & this would be given free for all Registered Nursing Homes. All the Doctors were involved in session and clarified their doubts.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

The Lung Transplant Surgeons at Global Health City, Chennai, India part of Global Hospitals Group, performed successfully India’s First successful Minimal Access Transplant for Lung on a 61 year recipient. On 24th November 2013, Mr. Raja Babu Shah underwent the minimal access transplant procedure, bringing smiles on the face of his wife and their three kids.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Inauguration of Global Specialty Clinics at Uppal Health Care Center, IDA, Uppal on 25th November 2013

Dr. K. Ravindranath - Chairman and Managing Director Global Hospitals Group inaugurated Global Specialty Clinics at Uppal Healthcare Center, IDA, Uppal in the presence of Mr. M. M. Reddy, Chairman, Uppal Industrial Employees Healthcare centre. Dr. Vijay Vemuri, COO - Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Mr. S. V. Sudheer, Secretary IDA Uppal, Mr. Ashok Kumar, Senior Vice President and Dr. Gopinath, Chief Physician, UHC centre.

Super specialists in 8 different specialties from Global Hospitals, L.B. nagar will be available for consultations for all the Industrial Employees, their families and neighborhood giving high quality healthcare facility for the people in the region.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Diabetes & Cardiology update
Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar conducted a CME  on 16th November'13. Dr. Srirang Abkari, Consultant - Internal Medicine & Dr. Pramod, spoke about  Newer treatment modalities in Diabetes mellitus & Dr. Pramod Kumar, Consultant - Interventional Cardiology gave presentation on Cardiovascular disease in diabetes.

Mr. Ashok Kumar, Vice President-Business development, spoke about the developments and further expansion plans of Global Hospitals Group.

The CME was well attended by 130 doctors from the neighbourhood areas like Dilsukhnagar, Vanastalipuram, Santosh nagar, etc. Renowned doctors from ESI Dr Kataria & Dr. Immanuelu were present. Dr. Mohan Rao from BDL was also present.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Global Hospitals, LB Nagar launched Diabetes Clinic on the World Diabetes Day on 14th November 2013 - which is managed by a comprehensive team of specialists to provide a 360 degree treatment approach for people suffering from diabetes.

The Diabetic Clinic was inaugurated by Lion Jithendra Kumar Garlapati, former District Governor of Lions Club.

Event was organised in presence of Dr. Vijay Kumar Vemuri - COO, Dr. Pradeep Panigrahi - Medical Director, Mr. Ashok Kumar - Vice President Business development. Eminent consultant Dr. Dharam Rakshak along with Internal Medicine Team led by Dr. Srirang Abkari were present.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

One Heart Surgery - Saves the lives of two
  • A path breaking heart surgery ‘Pumpless & Bloodless’ on 31 year old pregnant lady from Iraq was performed here at Global Health City using a “ Double Disc ASD device through a KEYHOLE approach.
  • She has recuperated well and can now look forward to a normal life with her happy family & the awaited bundle of joy.

Chennai, October 4, 2013 A 31-year-old Ms. Intisar Kareem Naser from Iraq into her 3 months pregnancy was admitted with episode of minor Stroke with Seizures and Transient weakness in her left hand. When Ms. Intisar Kareem Naser arrived at Global Health City she was diagnosed to have 25 mm ASD with Transient Ischeamic attack and Paradoxical embolism. 

The doctors in Iraq advised Surgical ASD closure, with the risk of loosing the child and with the risk of excessive bleeding in mother during the surgery. Mr. Arkan Kutaif Owain Zaibil decided to shift his wife for further treatment to Global Health City. Dr.R Ravi Kumar and Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia first reviewed the patient and ruled out the option of an open heart surgery due to high risk of abortion and threat to the life of the unborn child. The doctors also ruled out Cath lab device closure of ASD to be risky since it can induce anomalies in the unborn child due to radiation exposure.

"This is a very rare complex clinical situation which occurs in 0.1% across the world. Whenever such situation exists, the first objective is to save both mother and then the child, since mother's life is at highest risk. Innovative medical therapies like hybrid procedures for deploying DEVICES to close Holes on Heart are a boon to treat heart diseases in pregnancy.” said Dr. R. Ravi Kumar Senior Consultant - Interventional Cardiology, Global Health City. 

The doctors at Global Health City after due consideration decided to close the ASD via a Small(2 inch) incision to right chest (4th ICS) and deployment of a 28 mm ASD Device – which is a Double disc mesh made of NITINOL . During the surgery, the Double disc was “Pulled “inside a 4.5 mm diameter Sheath and the Sheath used to move across the ASD through a Small Pin sized cosmetic incision made in the Right Upper side of the Heart (Right Atrium). Bleeding was controlled using a Purse string. The passage of the Sheath and Device was monitored using a NOVEL ECHO probe attached to patient’s chest during surgery.
Speaking alongside the patient Dr. Nandkishore Kapadia, Senior Consultant – CTVS, Global Health City said “This procedure will be etched in our memories, for when anesthesia was reversed on the operation theatre itself, her motherly instincts came to the fore when she asked if everything was ok and whether her baby was fine. This gave us goose bumps and a gratification as life savers which no award or reward could match. She was stable in ICU and the recovery was uneventful. Ms. Intisar Kareem Naser is back to normal life and is back on her feet on the third day. “ 

Emoting his feelings, Mr. Arkan Kutaif Owain Zaibil husband of Ms. Intisar Kareem Naser said “In the name of the almighty, I would like to thank the medical team at Global Health City for adding ‘more to life’ and saving my wife and our child. I pray to almighty to bestow strength and his choicest blessings to all the doctors to save lives through such path breaking surgeries every day.” He broke into tears saying “God is Great”.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

  • Global Hospitals’ Global Obesity Support Group program launched by renowned singer, actor & composer Padmabhushan Sri. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam
  • Support Group to play a key role in helping obese people overcome their weight & health complications
·         Support Group information available on www.globalobesitysupportgroup.com

Hyderabad: As part of its endeavour to reach out to more and more people suffering to due morbid obesity health complications, and to help them address their concerns in the most appropriate and scientific way, Global Hospitals on 7 Sept’13 announced the launch of “Global Obesity Support Group” program by Padmabhushan Sri. S. P. Balasubrahmanyam, renowned playback singer, composer and actor. Sri. S.P. Balasubrahmanyam launched the Global Obesity Support Group program by unveiling the Support Group brochure and website www.globalobesitysupportgroup.com in the presence of Dr. K. Ravindranath, CMD, Global Hospitals Group, Dr. K. S. Lakshmi, Senior Consultant Surgeon – Minimal Access & Bariatric Surgery, Global Hospitals, Hyderabad and the large team of Super Specialists across disciplines who are all part of the Support Group.

Obesity is increasingly becoming a serious health concern in our country. It is important for public to understand the causes and take preventive measures at the earliest. As a multi-super speciality tertiary care hospital chain, at Global Hospitals, we have been pioneering many initiatives. The Global Obesity Support Group is our latest initiative to help obese and overweight people come together to overcome their weight and health challenges.

Obese people need to understand that it’s possible to overcome their weight and health related issues
as there are many options available. What is important is the knowledge on what is the safest and healthiest way to lose weight and gain health. The Global Obesity Support Group program is launched to achieve this objective. For people who are suffering due to obesity, the Support Group should be the first step through which they should gain the confidence and determination to fight obesity and regain their health.

Global Obesity Support Group program aims to follow internationally acknowledged best practices, to bring together the Hospitals’ specialists, patients currently suffering with obesity and those who have earlier overcome the problem. The Support Group endeavours to help the patients understand, appreciate the various treatment solutions available to address obesity in a motivating and encouraging environment.  

Complete information about the Support Group Program and the method to become a member is available on website.

Friday, August 9, 2013

Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad is the first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to receive the Halal Certification.

Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad is the first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to receive the Halal Certification.

Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad, a world class tertiary care multi super-speciality hospital of Global Hospitals Group, is the first hospital in Andhra Pradesh to receive the Halal Certification for its hospital services from the Halal Development Corporation (HDC). The certification will now bring to Muslim patients and their family members, hospitality services, facilities and cuisine that are as per the Islamic principles. Halal Certification is also expected to further boost medical value travel from Muslim countries to Hyderabad, particularly from SAARC, Middle East and Select African Nations.

Dr.K.Ravindranath, Chairman & Managing Director Global Hospitals Group, said “At Global Hospitals, we are deeply committed to not only deliver the best of treatment but also the best of hospitality services and facilities for the convenience of patients and their family members”.

He further added, “We are extremely sensitive to the special religious practices of our patients who follow Islam. We see Halal Certification, as a form of approval that boosts our patients trust and confidence in our range of hospital services. To earn the certification, Global Hospitals, L B Nagar Hyderabad had to meet strict Islamic guidelines dealing with hygiene & dietary regulations of global standards”.

The Halal Certification will further help Hyderabad and India, being seen as a preferred Healthcare destination providing quality, affordable healthcare with world class infrastructure, he further added.

As a Halal certified hospital, Global Hospitals, L B Nagar, Hyderabad provides the following towards enhanced patient delight and care.

  • Halal Certified food and special Arabic cuisine
  • Translator services for Arabic Language
  • A Prayer Room
  • Qibla direction in all the patient rooms along with Holy Quran & prayer mattress
  • Arabic TV channels in the patient rooms with TVs.

Global Hospitals, L B Nagar, Hyderabad is a 300 bed multi- super specialty tertiary care hospital, It renders 360 degree advanced tertiary healthcare services with multi-super specialty &  transplant services. With the finest combination of expertise, experience, state-of-the art technology and well coordinated team work, every step is aimed at ensuring excellence in patient care.

Halal India
Halal India (HI) is as an Independent Certification body which is recognized by the Government of India. Halal India is very pleased to introduce itself as one of the established Halal Certification bodies in India. Halal India Certification is becoming more relevant in today's market mainly because people are more aware of the Halal concept it is not just about religious related matters but it extends to the products or services being deemed safe for consumption as well as have health benefits. 

Halal India, recognized by IHIA (International Halal Integrity Alliance, Malaysia) who is a partner of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kingdom of Saudi Arabia). It has been recognized by the 57 OIC (Organization of Islamic Conference) Countries, in principle member with the World Halal Council and Intertek Testing Services, a testing company, are its global partners.
For Details Contact:
Mohd. Askari Rizvi
Sr.Manager – International Patient Services
Global Hospitals
Ph: 8885511072

Friday, July 26, 2013

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Launch of the most comprehensive Institute of Liver Diseases, HPB surgery and Transplantation

Global Hospitals Mumbai launched the Institute of Liver Diseases, HPB Surgery and Transplantation on July 20th, 2013 at ITC Grand Central, Parel Mumbai.

The Institute was inaugurated by Prof. Julia Wendon, Consultant Intensive Care and Hepatologist, Kings College Hospital, UK was visiting Global Hospitals Mumbai.

The event was graced by Dr Ravindranath, Chairman and MD, Global Hospitals Group along with Prof. Mohamed Rela, Group Director, Institute of Liver Diseases HPB Surgery and Transplantation.

Dr Karanjekar, CEO Global Hospitals Mumbai and Dr Samir Shah, Head-Department of Hepatology, Global Hospitals Mumbai, engaged the audience of over 200 invitees, with discussions on “The Most Comprehensive Institute of Liver Diseases, HPB surgery and Transplantation- Need of the Hour (in Mumbai)”.

Professor Rela enlightened the audience on “Achieving newer heights in Liver Surgery” while Prof Wendon spoke on, “Bringing International Excellence to Global Hospitals.”
Dr Samir Shah concluded the event with testimonials from patients who were treated by the Liver Team at Global Chennai and bringing the same level of Excellence now to Mumbai. He introduced the team of over 50 consultants and support care staff at Mumbai Hospital.

An academic event on “Need of the Hour” was followed on July 21st at the same venue. Attended by over 300 physicians from Mumbai and surrounding states- the event covered a range of issued on Comprehensive liver Care. Dr Ravindranath welcomed the Doctors and Dr Karanjekar introduced the Mumbai Hospital.

Prof Wendon spoke on Need for a Dedicated Liver ICU, followed by Padmashree Awardee Amit Maydeo on “Endoscopy in HPB : Working in Tandem” Dr Srinivas Desai spoke about the role of Radiology in Liver care, “Dedicated HPB Radiologist - A New Breed.” Prof Mohamed Rela spoke on “HPB surgery and Liver Transplant - Achieving New Frontiers,” the event was concluded by a Q&A with the team.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

As a Corporate Social Responsibility, Global Hospitals, L.B. Nagar, Hyderabad organised Medical Exhibition with a concept called “Healthy Students. Healthy India” from 10th - 12th July - A unique initiative to enlighten school children on the importance of health and inspire them and through them others, to adapt a healthy life style by gaining knowledge on various health problems, different diseases, hygiene related issues and also familiarize them on the various functions of a Hospital.

Member of Parliament Dr. Manda Jagannadham sharing his knowledge with school students at the "Healthy Students Healthy India" medical exhibition held at Global Hospitals, L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad.


It is important to note that students are the future of any nation and in their growth lies the nations. To ensure they get the best possible quality of education & awareness to maintain a healthy lifestyle and as a part of "Healthy Students Healthy India" Global Hospitals (L.B.Nagar, Hyderabad) presented all the school students of class VII - X with Health Guide which intends to provide basic health information to both students as well as their parents. 

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Honored at the 4th edition of the Annual India Leadership Conclave and Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013 Event at Mumbai.

One of the fast growing Multi-super specialty tertiary care chains of India, Global Hospitals Group, has received yet again the most coveted and prestigious awards in Healthcare. At the 4th Annual India Leadership Conclave and Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013 Event at Mumbai that was attended by the healthcare industry luminaries, Global Hospitals Group was awarded the “India’s Most Valuable Health Care Chain Award’ for 2013.

The Award are extremely significant because the Award Jury Committee adapted the Public Nomination Voting system. The Jury Members under the clause of Nominations looked at all the finer details before arriving at a conclusion. The decision came after a close scrutiny of all the nominees under voting, recognizing the tough task building a differentiated and niche multi-super speciality tertiary care hospital chain and evolving into a reckon to with, Brand & sustaining the momentum in a fiercely competitive Market.

India Leadership Conclave & Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards organized by Network7 Media Group’s Indian Affairs Magazine, Asia’s biggest analytical news Magazine, is one of India’s prestigious & coveted title & has established a credible platform of serious discussion where Brand India’s most illustrious Leaders & icons assemble to discuss the roadmap for India’s growth trajectory.

Honored at the 4th edition of the Annual India Leadership Conclave and Indian Affairs Business Leadership Awards 2013 Event at Mumbai.

Dr. K Ravindranath, received the prestigious “Business Leader of the Year” for his outstanding contribution to the field of medicine and for his visionary leadership. The Award are extremely significant because the Award Jury Committee adapted the Public Nomination Voting system.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Global Health City restores faith to live free forNiloy Haque after many months on wheelchair

June 5, 2013, Chennai: 11 year old Niloy Haque from Bangladesh had a medical case history that was long and eventful. When parents along with Niloy Haque arrived in Global Health City they were deeply worried about the mysterious neurological illness that their son was experiencing, severe enough to alter his family’s entire lives.

After stress leading to a rare ‘Conversion Disorder’ in an exceptionally intelligent 11yr old boy parents were not very enthusiastic since the treatment were not yielding desired results in various hospitals across the globe. Six months later, after due deliberation the parents decided to shift their son to Global Health City for further medical management.

Dr V Murugan, Paediatric Neurologist and Dr Vijayasaravanan Palanivel, Paediatric Neurodisability Specialist at Global Health City who first reviewed the boy said, “He appeared much tensed and anxious, didn’t want any eye contact and spoke in a feeble voice. He was in his wheelchair and while we were speaking to his parents, he suddenly started twitching his whole body.” He was admitted and closely observed for 3 days. A thorough clinical examination revealed inconsistent physical signs. Investigations performed at Singapore were all reviewed and they were normal.

A psychology assessment showed that he had “very superior intelligence” and stress factors in the family. He lived in a large joint family and there were conflicts with his siblings, being teased by his cousins, overprotective mother and authoritative father. A car in which he was traveling to school met with an accident and it was badly damaged. That left him withdrawn for a few days after which the neurological symptoms developed.

The doctors at Global Health City after due consideration determined that the mysterious illness was not epilepsy or immunologically caused, but as “conversion disorder”.

Speaking on conversion disorder, Dr Vijayasaravanan Palanivel, Consultant in Paediatric Neurodisability & Neurorehabilitation, Global Health City said “It is a physical manifestation of psychological symptoms; the disorder is thought to be driven by a subconscious attempt to ‘convert’ strong, unbearable emotional thoughts or stressors in life into something more socially acceptable.

Dr Murugan, Consultant Paediatric Neurologist, Global Health City emphasised that it is critical to understand that victims of conversion disorder do not fake symptoms. Their physical symptoms are true and their suffering is genuine. 

All his medications were gradually tapered and stopped and his care was taken over by the Neurodisability Multidisciplinary Team (NMDT) headed by Dr Vijayasaravanan, consisting of physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, creative art therapists and yoga therapists. After two months of physical therapy, behavioral therapy, relaxation through dance and yoga, parental counseling and coping skills training, there was a dramatic improvement in his physical and mental abilities.

He was able to walk and run. He appeared a lot happier and interactive. Parents were pleased that their son was “back to normal” and became independent in all his activities of daily living after 11 months on wheel chair.  

“Everything seemed fine with him until a year ago”, said an emotional father. “Suddenly one day, he started having involuntary twitching body movements and started speaking to self.  Things started to deteriorate, fast; he was unable to walk and complained of loss of sensation in his legs and arms”.

“I would like to thank the medical team at Global Health City for adding ‘more to life’ and putting my son back on his feet” he further added.

Conversion disorder is a bizarre and rare condition which can strike down otherwise healthy young people, leaving them unable to walk or talk. It is a mystery and can baffle the doctors as physically the patients have nothing wrong with them. As a result the diagnosis is often missed. Thorough history taking, including a psychosocial history and examination is the key to diagnosis. Stress is the main underlying cause of conversion disorder. The stress could be either physical or psychological, and the level at which the disorder occurs varies in every person.

Monday, May 27, 2013

 Many on Harley-Davidsons bikes participated in the bikeathon organized by the hospital 

     BGS Global Hospitals organized a Bikeathon to campaign for a tobacco free society as part of its corporate social responsibility – ‘Embracing life, Staying alive’.

      People from various walks of life rode Harley Davidsons’ and other superbikes covering a 17 Km stretch from Queen’s Circle, Cubbon Park to BGS Global Hospitals, Uttarahalli Road. Participants displayed placards with messages to create awareness about the ill effects of tobacco consumption and colourful balloons. The aim of the event was to spread awareness and inspire people to take a vow to quit consumption of tobacco. A graffiti arranged by the hospital at the start point bore messages written by the participants, dignitaries as well passersby to quit tobacco.

The bikethon was flagged off by Sri V B Patil, Commissioner, Health and Family Welfare, in the presence of Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice-Chairman and Chief Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals.             
Dr. K. Ravindranath, Chairman and Managing Director, Global Hospitals Group said, “BGS Global Hospitals is committed to the cause of cancer prevention and conducts regular awareness and de-addiction programs at the hospital as well as through outreach programs.”

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. N. K. Venkataramana, Vice-Chairman and Chief Neurosurgeon, BGS Global Hospitals added, “This bikeathon is one such awareness event hosted by BGS Global Hospitals in association with Tusker Harley-Davidson on the occasion of World No tobacco day. This unique event presents a fun filled awareness activity for the present day youth. You need not be a smoker to be cool. And a message to the youth who could fall prey to this habit because of peer pressure - Be aware and learn to say ‘NO to Tobacco’.
Dr/ Vishal Rao, Head and Neck Onco Surgeon, BGS Global Hospitals said, “Because of the increasing usage of tobacco among the youth in Karnataka, it is important to increase awareness on the preventable causes of cancer such as tobacco consumption.  Presently in Karnataka, 10 to 12% of the youth consume tobacco and the age of initiation to this habit is presently seen from 10 years onwards. This could possibly be the reason why we are seeing many cases of cancers in the younger age group. Majority of these cancers are preventable, tobacco being responsible for 50% of the cancers.”

Dr. Ganesha Dev Vashishta, Chief Medical Oncologist, BGS Global Hospitals added, “Tobacco consumption not only causes lung cancer, it also causes cancers of the larynx, pharynx, oral cavity, food pipe, pancreas, kidney, stomach, colon, etc. Tobacco smoking causes heart, lung and brain diseases, including heart attacks, stroke, etc. Non smoke tobacco like chewing, snuff, etc are also dangerous. Passive or secondhand smokers are at risk of heart and lung diseases in addition to cancer. If tobacco usage is completely stopped, then two thirds of all cancers can be prevented.  Awareness about the ill effects of tobacco is the only real way of preventing tobacco related cancers.”