Tuesday, December 11, 2012

  • Only Hospital in Hyderabad to perform the highest number of liver transplants in Andhra Pradesh and one of the highest in the Country.
  • Under the leadership of World’s foremost Liver Transplant Surgeon, Prof. Mohamed Rela, who performed over 2,000 liver transplants, Global Hospitals brings the most comprehensive variety of liver transplant procedures
  • 200th liver transplant performed on a 36 year old lady in coma with acute liver failure. Sister donates a part of her liver.

Hyderabad, 11th December’12: Global Hospitals in Hyderabad announced that it has set a new record by completing 200 Liver transplant surgeries at its Lakdi-ka-pul facility. Pioneers of the Liver Transplant  programme in the country since 2003, Global Hospitals Group, is acknowledged as the world’s most comprehensive centre for Liver & Pancreas diseases and Transplantation. Global Hospitals at Hyderabad started it’s Liver Transplant programme in 2003 and within a short period gained immense reputation as the foremost centre for liver transplants not only in the country but worldwide.
The 200th liver transplant surgery was performed on a 36 year old lady from Hyderabad, with acute liver failure, brought on a morning to Global Hospitals at Lakdi-ka-pul in a comatose condition.
The Doctors upon reviewing her condition recommended a liver transplant as the only option to increase her chances of survival. Fortunately, the patient’s 40 year old sister’s liver was found suitable and she immediately agreed to donate a part of it. Quickly completing the mandatory pre-transplant work-up procedure on the patient and donor, the urgent transplantation procedure was by evening. The LIVE-RELATED DONOR LIVER TRANSPLANT on the patient was performed, while she continued to be in a coma condition. Liver disease patients are primarily assessed by the team of Hepatologists led by Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, to be treated through medical management and if the condition of the liver is serious they are advised for a transplant. The large team of Liver transplant surgeons, Hepatologists, Critical Care Specialists, Anesthetists and trained Nursing care in the dedicated Liver ICUs, deliver exceptional patient before and after the transplant. 

Addressing the media, world renowned liver transplant surgeon, Prof. Mohamed Rela said, “Typically worldwide if a liver transplant programme performs over 100 transplants, we can say that it has evolved into a very mature programe. Hence, Global Hospitals in Hyderabad completing 200 liver transplants is an important milestone. The experience gained shows that we have been able to enhance our capabilities to perform a much wider variety of procedures than earlier. It gives us the confidence to successfully perform liver transplants on extremely sick patients too and also perform not only cadaver transplants but also a large number of live related donor transplants.
In our country, as we see an increased awareness on organ donation, we should be able to also see an increase in cadaver transplants, as this will reduce the dependency on a donor within the family.
In India, about 15 or 20 people per million require a liver transplant per year, which means approximately 20,000 patients require a liver transplant a year but only about 700 are undergoing the procedure due to shortage of organs. Therefore, awareness about organ donation is of immense importance.” 
Dr. Dharmesh Kapoor, accomplished Hepatologist while speaking said, Global Hospitals’ Liver transplant programme is unique in many ways as our responsibility in taking care of the patient doesn’t end at performing the transplant. We ensure to follow-up each patient even post transplant, monitor their health and guide them to experience the best quality of health. Our experience of performing a high number of transplants is because of a strong team work and this has given us immense learning which is helping us in treating patients even in extremely critical conditions successfully.”
Dr. K. Ravindranath, renowned Surgical Gastroenterologist and CMD of Global Hospitals Group said,
“Global Hospitals is a multi-super specialty, tertiary care hospital chain. It is India’s largest multi-locational, multi-organ transplant centre, which performs LIVER, HEART, LUNG, KIDNEY ORGAN TRANSPLANTS.
At Hyderabad, we have been consistently performing successfully, a large number complex liver surgeries and transplants. We have the largest team of Specialists, comprised of Hepatologists, Liver transplant surgeons, Critical Care Specialists and Anesthetists, who are supported by world class infrastructure & technology and a strong commitment to deliver exceptional patient care. Our Surgeons perform the widest variety transplants procedures on both adult and paediatric patients such as split liver, auxiliary liver, swap liver. These are performed through both cadaveric organ and live related donor programmes. I am grateful to patients and their family for the confidence & trust reposed in us. I am also grateful to the Media in enhancing awareness amongst people about liver diseases, causes & prevention and transplantation as a unique solution to save patients with end-stage liver diseases.”