Thursday, December 1, 2011

Eminent Liver Transplantation Surgeons from across the world come together for an International Liver Conclave organized by Global Hospitals


·         First of its kind 3 day scientific session - “Master Class in Liver Diseases”

·         Over 30 eminent doctors from USA & Europe & over 300 nationally renowned liver specialists congregate to demonstrate the current concepts and trends on liver transplantation from across the globe

Chennai, December 1st 2011: Global Hospitals Group is organizing a 3 day international liver conclave, ‘Master Class in Liver Diseases’ in Chennai starting 2nd December to 4th December 2011. This 3 day scientific conference will be spearheaded by the world renowned Liver transplantation surgeon Prof. Mohamed Rela. Over 30 eminent doctors from USA & Europe and over 300 nationally renowned liver specialists will be present to demonstrate the current concepts and trends on liver transplantation across the globe.

MASTER CLASS IN LIVER DISEASES is the first of its kind, a 3 day scientific conference, discussing various Clinical aspects of Liver diseases & Transplantation, which will give the Indian audience a holistic and in depth understanding of liver diseases. International Faculties participating in the conclave include, Prof. Bernard C. Portmann, Dr. Alberto Quaglio, Prof. Elwyn Elias, Prof. Diedre Kelly, Prof. S. Wali, Prof. Ashley D’Cruz, Prof. Abid Suddle, Prof. Jack Lake, Prof. Julia Wendon, Prof. Nigel Heaton and Prof. Anil Dhawan amongst many other national faculties.

Global Hospitals acknowledged as the world’s most comprehensive centre for Liver, Pancreas diseases and transplantation offers the largest Liver Transplant program in the country. The Global Liver Transplant program is currently available in three centers across South India, Hyderabad, Chennai & Bangalore and is soon expected to be operational in Mumbai. With all the facilities and the technical knowhow, Global Hospitals has successfully set new standards in the management of liver diseases.

The incidence of liver diseases in India is on a rise. Cases related to hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, liver tumours are being frequently reported. A liver infection is considered to be a serious medical condition thus it should not be taken lightly.

Commenting on the occasion, Prof Mohamed Rela, Director of The Global Liver Transplant Program said, “At present India has 25 well qualified Liver transplant surgeons and would require 5 times more surgeons than the present number which is not enough. Also he said “Indian doctors need not travel abroad for training in liver transplantation as the facilities in India has improved to a larger extent and the international doctors will travel to India for training in the coming 5 years.” He also said that “Success rate of liver transplantation is 90% when the patient condition is stable, 80% if the patient is sick and 75% when the patient is on dialysis”.

Prof Mohamed Rela, Director of The Global Liver Transplant Program, is an internationally acclaimed liver transplant & Hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon who started the first successful program of living donor liver transplantation in the UK. With the arrival of Prof. Mohamed Rela, many milestones in Liver Transplantations have been achieved in last 2years at Global Hospitals & Health city, Chennai.

  • India’s first Split & Auxiliary Liver transplantation
  • India’s first Adult SWAP Liver transplantation
  • 5 combined liver & kidney transplantations successfully performed in last 6 months
  • 21 Paediatric liver transplantations successfully performed in last 1 year; wherein very few hospitals have the capability of performing Successful Paediatric Liver transplantation and just about 75 Paediatric liver transplantation has been performed in India so far.

About Prof. Mohamed Rela

Prof Mohamed Rela, an internationally acclaimed liver transplant & Hepatopancreatobiliary surgeon, is the Dirctor of the Global Liver Transplant Program. He had pioneered the first successful program of living donor liver transplantation in the UK and had performed the first successful living donor liver transplantation in Mumbai about 12 yrs back. He has an international reputation as one of the most innovative surgeons in the field of HPB surgery and Liver Transplantation and has pioneered some of the major technical advances such as split liver transplantation and auxiliary liver transplantation. He started the first successful program of split liver transplantation at King’s College Hospital and now has the highest experience in the world with the best results. He performed India’s First Split and Auxiliary Liver Transplant at Global Hospitals & Health city, Chennai in Sep’09. He has described techniques for safe transplantation of neonates born with liver failure and has performed a successful liver transplantation in the youngest child ever to have transplant (5 days of age) which has earned him a place in the Guinness Book of World Record 2000 Edition. He was recently awarded a Chair (Professorship) in Liver Surgery and Transplantation by the prestigious University of London, in honor of his excellent academic accomplishments.

The liver transplant program of the Global Hospitals Group is the largest in the country and has successfully completed 100 liver transplants cases most of which were refused by other healthcare establishments. Liver transplantation is now available in three centers across South India - Hyderabad, Chennai, and Bangalore and will be available in Mumbai in the near future.


The Global Hospitals Group started a decade ago in Hyderabad, today has hospitals spread strategically across the country in Bangalore and Chennai and many more in advanced stages of planning and implementation. One such is the Mumbai branch, which will be operational by the end of this year. Each one of them are a tertiary care multi specialty hospital with facilities matching the best in the world and offering advanced patient care of international standards. The medical infrastructure and technology at Global Hospitals & Health city is among the best in the world. To the patient it directly translates as the highest standards in safety. Zero infection zones, certified zero infection blood and blood components are just a few examples of the enormous care that Global Hospitals take and the stringent quality control norms that are strictly followed in every aspect impacts the patient safety and comfort. Thus with all the facilities and the technical know how, Global has successfully set new standards in healthcare management. Global Hospitals group currently has hospitals located in the cities of Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Global hospital currently awaits the launch of its Mumbai facility and has announced its entry in Kolkata too. 


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