Wednesday, October 12, 2011

On the Arthritis Day: Art of Living with Arthritis

Every morning your joints scream pain. You are no longer able to take those long walk you have always loved. You dread when winter sets in. Your days seem to open with pain and close with aches. Life is no longer the bed of roses it used to be, but has turned into a tryst with 

Living with Arthritis can be difficult but not it is impossible. With the right medication, help and support, there is hope for every Arthritis patient.

Common belief seems to be that nothing can be done about arthritis. This is a myth. There are a variety of medications that have been introduced to the market within the last year to treat various types of arthritis. It is critical that one gets an early and accurate diagnosis to minimize the effects of arthritis.

One may not be able to prevent arthritis but those who have arthritis can take part in a treatment plan tailored to meet their individual needs. The first step is to make sure you have a proper and correct diagnosis.  Your doctor can diagnose arthritis based on the overall pattern of symptoms, medical history, physical exam, x-rays and lab tests.
Arthritis can cause anxiety and weakness. To combat anxiety and weakness, relaxation exercises can be done on a regular basis. However, one must not exert and must be able to find a balance between work and activity.

There are other techniques used to manage arthritis. These include planning ahead to make work easier, maintaining proper body posture and practicing joint protection techniques with the help and support of your doctor.

You must also ensure that you take a balanced diet with emphasis on having foods that help keep bones healthy such as nuts, fish, milk, and other calcium-rich foods.
Proper medication, healthy diet and balanced physical activity can help your bones reach optimum performance.