Sunday, October 16, 2011


With World Trauma Day being celebrated every year on October 17th, Global Hospitals is issuing a few important points essential to trauma care. These are:

Critical Period: It is defined as the period during which all efforts are made to save a life before irreversible pathological changes can occur. This period may range from the time of injury to definitive treatment in a hospital. The first platinum 10 minutes becomes important to make Critical Period effective. If appropriate action is taken during the Critical Period to restore airway, breathing and circulation, life-saving attempt would turn out to be productive and rewarding. 

Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation or CPR: It has been found to be very effective when initiated as soon as possible after the trauma (within minutes).CPR includes Chest Compressions and Mouth-to-Mouth rescue. Chest compressions are performed by applying downward pressure to the chest wall with the hands positioned in a specific way over the breast bone. These compressions cause blood to be pumped from the heart to other vital organs. Mouth-to-mouth rescue breathing is the quickest way to get oxygen into a person's lungs when a patient is not breathing. It is important to alternate chest compressions with rescue breathing while performing CPR.

Preventing Blood Loss: Severe bleeding can be life threatening. Applying direct pressure to the external bleeding can stop almost any form of bleeding. This is the most important first aid to be given. Always wash hands before and after giving first aid to avoid infections. Try to use latex gloves when treating a bleeding victim.

Broken Bones: If the injury includes fracture or broken bones, then try to keep the person still and calm. Reassure the victim and evaluate for the presence of other injuries. Call for medical help and allow the medical personnel to take over if there is an immediate response. 


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