Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Neurons – Mysteries of the Mind!

Brain cells of a human body, or Neurons, are extremely complex cells that send and receive electro-chemical signals in the body. Managing diseases in these cells have been and is still a very challenging task. Neurological diseases are a multifaceted problem, hence requires a multifocal approach to deal with them.  

The most common form of disorder to brain cells is when a bunch of abnormal brain cells sparkles to produce Epilepsy, which is also known as fits. In spite of advanced CT, MRI and PET scans, it is difficult to locate the abnormal areas that are responsible for fits. This limitation is now eliminated with the use of Continuous VIDEO ASSISTED EEG MONITORING- a technique in which a patient is continuously studied in a dedicated laboratory for two to three days. The abnormal electrical brain waves that are recorded in this way helps in locating the diseased area of the brain.

Another form of disorder to the neurons is Brain stroke or Brain attack, which causes paralysis of limbs and is equivalent to Heart attacks in the aspect of fatality and extent of damage to the body.

Aneurysms or abnormal dilatation of brain vessels is another fatal condition, which can be treated with coils and balloons using the same interventional techniques.

Global Hospitals & Healthcity, Chennai, has such a multifocal state of the art, comprehensive neuro care center – The Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal disorders. The center comprises of 3 highly qualified and experienced doctors – Dr. J. K. B. C. Parthiban (HOD – Neuro Surgery & Spine unit), Dr. S. Dinesh Nayak(Senior consultant – Neurologist & Epileptologist) and Dr.  Selvapandian (Senior Consultant – Neuro Surgery & Interventional Neuro Radiology). These three specialists work as a team to give a new lease of life to the patients in need, suffering from illnesses that range from Severe Brain Injury to Acute Stroke, Epilepsy and Brain cancers.

Global Hospital & Health city is the only centre in south India to have the facility of Video Assisted EEG Monitoring available continuously for 72 hrs. In case of epilepsy, this form of monitoring can detect the abnormality in the brain easily and at an early stage.  “Since 95% of fits can be effectively managed by medications, the remaining 5% (Refractable Epilepsy) of patients can be benefited by excising those abnormal areas using high profile delicate micro surgeries i.e., Epilepsy Surgery”, says Dr. Dinesh Nayak. At Global Hospitals, a team of Neurophyscians and Neurosurgeons execute the treatment process for epilepsy with great competency and high success rates.

In case of paralysis of the brain, Global Neurosciences centre is the only centre of its kind to have a team of Interventional Neurosurgeons and Neuroradilogists working together in the same CATH LAB.  “If treated during the golden hours i.e., – within one hour after the attack, brain paralysis can be reversible. Blood Clots that obstruct the vessels can be dissolved by using Pin Hole Techniques i.e., Interventional Neurovascular procedures”, says Dr. Selvapandian.

In the recent times, a Nigerian girl’s broken neck bones were surgically removed and the crushed spinal cord was decompressed (freed), which facilitated recovery of limb functions and reduction in the stiffness. This paved way for the overall improvement in her mobility. Dr. J. K. B. C. Parthiban, the HOD of the department highlights the value of delayed decompression of the crushed spinal cord and claims that this was the most challenging spinal surgery of all. Ever since the successful spine surgery of the Nigerian girl, Global Hsopital’s Spinal Department has attracted the attention of many people from different parts of the globe suffering from Spine illness.

The Institute of Neurosciences and Spinal disorders of Global Hospitals & Healthcity provides complete and comprehensive neuro-care under one roof and is managed by very efficient doctors who are specialists in each subdivision. A one-of-its-kind Acute Stroke, Head and Spine Injury Care Unit has also been established to cater to all Neuro emergencies round the clock.

In a critical scenario, where neurological disorders invade the human body at a lightning pace, there is a need for centres of excellence to challenge its fatality and Global Hospitals & Healthcity presents just the right mix of technology and expertise to handle these cases.

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