Monday, April 11, 2011

Cosmetic Surgery at Global Hospitals India

Flaws in appearances are common and no body is perfect, but if imperfections in appearance is making you unhappy and destroying your self-esteem, then its time you consider cosmetic surgery.

Cosmetic Surgery or Aesthetic Plastic Surgery - a branch of Plastic Surgery - deals with correcting minor as well as major flaws in appearances. Plastic surgeons work towards brining about aesthetic and acceptable changes in body shapes with the help of a wide range of surgical techniques and procedures that have developed over the years. The idea is to bring about a change that makes the patient feel confident about their body. Plastic surgeons also ensure that these surgical changes will not cause any major side effects for the patients. It is the perfect way to remove low self-esteem creating flaws.

Cosmetic surgery and procedures are techniques that change, restore, or enhance your appearance. They range from reconstruction after surgery or injuries, to enhancements to features: for e.g., face-lifts, breast augmentation or reduction, and certain skin treatments. In this issue we would discuss two particular procedure ie. Face rejuvenation, rhinoplasty and breast augmentation.

Facial Rejuvenation Surgery
Ageing process is inevitable. Skin, eventually, loses its elasticity and muscles tend to slacken, leading to wrinkling of the face, drooping of eyebrows and lips, sagging of eyelids, jaw line and neck skin. Virtually all aspects of the human face can be enhanced with various cosmetic procedures. Facial rejuvenation surgery can remove wrinkles, refine features, tone sagging skin, and even change the contour of the face. The most commonly performed operations of facial rejuvenation are face lifting, skin peeling, dermabrasion, injections of botox or fillers, blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery), and eyebrow lifting. One or more of these operations can be combined as per each individual’s problem to achieve the best results.

It is the most common form of cosmetic surgery because people feel most self-conscious about the structure of their nose. Rhinoplasty or Nose Reshaping is a common cosmetic surgery procedure to reshape the nose to improve the facial appearance. A broad nose, nose with hump, depressed nose, deformed nose etc can be corrected to suit the facial profile. The scars in these operations are not visible. If you have some difficulty in breathing through your nose, it may be possible to improve this at the same time.

Breast Augmentation
Genetic inheritance pre-determines breast growth, which is also influenced by hormones released by the body. Breast size, shape, and proportion greatly influence the confidence levels in a woman. A well-proportioned body helps women to move confidence. However, small breast size can greatly affect a girl’s confidence and self esteem levels.
There are innumerable ways prescribed in various sources to increase breast size, but these are practically useless. Exercise merely causes the pectoral muscles to grow. It has no influence on the size of breasts, nor does massaging the breasts with various creams etc. The only way to create a permanent increase in the size of the breasts safely is by an operation called Augmentation mammaplasty.
Breast augmentation is done using silicon or saline breast implants for patients with small breasts. Implants are available in a wide range of sizes and a variety of shapes so that the appropriate implant for the individual patient can be obtained. The scars are hidden in the armpit, fold of the breast or edge of the nipple, where they remain covered under a brassiere. There is no harm done if you want to have a pregnancy afterward and you would be able to breast-feed your baby if you wished. 
Droopiness or sagging breasts are a common legacy of motherhood. It is possible to reshape the breast to look more youthful and feel more firm by an operation called Mastopexy. This can be combined with either increase or decrease of the size of the breasts as per the individual’s expectations.
Having large breast is a boon for women, but if large breast occur in men, then it becomes an issue. Cosmetic surgery also helps these men reduce their breast size. Prominent breast in males is called gynecomastia. Cosmetic surgery goes a big way in restoring confidence in them. The treatment is tailored to the patients with the problem. Removal of breast tissue and contouring with liposuction gives excellent results.

A perfect body is a great confidence booster and with the gen-next, clamoring to be the best at all times a little medical help can do wonders. Plastic surgery has become a part of our society and it does not look like it is going anywhere. In previous generations, plastic surgery was considered the domain of the rich and famous. Today, it is available for everybody who considers improving their appearance, including those who need it to change any deformity or surgical scars. At Global Healthcity, options are available for everybody and strives to bring joy and happiness to others’ lives through high quality, safe and affordable cosmetic procedures.

Dr.V B Narayanamoorthy
Sr. Consultant
Dept of Reconstructive & Cosmetic Surgery
Global Hospitals & Health City


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